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Our Theatre Club is a rapidly growing community of our core readership who join to get more from their theatregoing experience. Members have access to sections of the website not publicly visible and this can, in turn, mean that you can promote your show discreetly to an audience of thousands.

Free tickets

Our aim, with the club, is to provide the members with the very best theatregoing experience we can and, at the same time, challenge them to see new shows and visit new venues they otherwise may  not have ventured to.

At the same time, we know there are shows for which there are, occasionally, spare tickets available.  Why not use the Theatre Club to help fill your theatre, stimulate word-of-mouth and introduce committed theatregoers to your venue or work?

  • It’s Discreet - You have to be a member to see what free tickets are available on the site.
  • It‘s Fast - We can have a new ticket promotion up on the site quickly and efficiently .
  • It’s Effective - We’ll email thousands of Club members with your free ticket offer to generate an instant response.

Member benefits

Encourage our members to visit your theatre with an offer just for them. This could be money off their first ticket, discounts at the bar or a free programme.  As with the free ticket offers, give them a reason to try you for the first time, and they may well come back as a full paying customer.

Member-only prices and priority booking

We can also drive customers to your show or theatre through offering them priority booking or member-only pricing that is hidden from public view.


All offers and discounts can be fulfilled in a number of different ways to suit you and your processes.

  • Online booking – We can set up booking via our own ticketing system and send you confirmation  emails for processing or we can send customers to your website.
  • Printable Vouchers – We can create a printable voucher which needs to be redeemed, in person, at the theatre.
  • Telephone – If you would prefer clients to book via the phone, using a promotional code, we can arrange this too.

If you wish to become a supplier for the club please contact us

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