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TheatreAlerts reporting is clear and simple to understand. It will tell you everything you need to know about the messages you send - how many were sent, how many were opened, how many links were clicked on. You can even see the email addresses that responded.

Simple to manage
No matter how many lists you have or how big they are, TheatreAlerts offers a really easy way of managing your data. You can import email addresses straight into the system. It will automatically clean and de-duplicate your lists and ensure that you comply with the wishes of those who have unsubscribed.

Simple data capture
Growing a healthy opt-in list is an important part of building your business. TheatreAlerts gives you the tools to build a subscription form that can be added to virtually any website. Just copy and paste the code into your site and you are in business.

Create great email campaigns
You can create your own email campaigns quickly and simply using TheatreAlerts built-in design tool or you can upload your own template or we can create one for you. It is blissfully simple and you can communicate with your customers in a professional way every time.

Simple to test

When you are happy with your email, it’s simple to test it. Send one to yourself or a colleague, before committing to send it to the whole list and test it against our in-built spam checker to ensure that it will reach the maximum number of people possible.

Simple to schedule and target
If you want your email to be distributed at midnight, to reach inboxes first thing the next day, you don't have to stay up to press send. Simply schedule in the date and time when you want the mail to go out and let TheatreAlerts do the rest.

Simply legal
There are very strict data protection and anti-spam laws in place to protect consumers, and these place a series of obligations on all email marketers. We automate many of your obligations for you – including unsubscription management and bounce handling. We're registered under the Data Protection Act, UK based and have strict security and opt-in policies, so you can rest easy knowing you're on the right side of the law.

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